The “Gentleman” … or at least my version of one.

This past weekend was fabulous!  I met up with several girlfriends for a Fundraising Scrabble Tournament at the Forks.  Since the sun was shining, we celebrated our fifth place win and our brilliant two- and three-letter word usage with margaritas and sangria on a patio.  As the sun shone down on us and as it so often happens when girls gather, our conversation quickly turned to MEN.  All six of us were in different versions of “single hood” … some casually dating, some just having fun, some just having crushes.  I had recently read an article called the Lies Hollywood Told Us: Love and Romance Edition – it humorously dashes the hopes of the hopeless romantic which I am guilty of being.  Someday, someone will show up at my doorstep, it will be pouring rain, and he’ll have a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flowers and confess his undying love… or someday, someone will hold a ghetto blaster up under my window and play “At Last”…

This week I was thinking about the grand gestures and although they’re fabulous there are tiny gestures that take the cake too … here are a few that are at the top of my thoughts today:

1. The gesture that say I Love You Earth: I was in London last year and stocked up on their super cool reusable shopping bags – they were just too cool to leave over the pond.  I always have one with me.  This afternoon as I was in line at the grocery store, I noticed the gentleman in front of me had three reusable shopping bags.  For me, this is a statement piece and instantly I’ve figured him out… he’s cool. 2. The Pick-up lines with no intention to “pick-up” gesture.  This is brilliant!  I was walking downtown and two young men approached me.  They shared they had an assignment for their photography class and had to find photographs to match certain situations, one of them being “Love at first sight”.  They asked if they could take my picture for that one…  They didn’t ask for my number, there were no expectations… it was just that, simply a moment that was given with the knowledge that it would make another person smile.

3. The chivalrous gesture: I’ve started going to this church on Sunday mornings and have fallen in love with it… It is so inviting and inclusive.  (The first time I went, a homeless man sat beside me and fell asleep part way through.)  There’s always coffee and tea afterwards and today I met a man who reminded me of my Grandpa who died six years ago – they even share the same name, Art.  He was sophisticated just like my Grandpa was and after an hour of talking about our lives, he went to go get the car.  It was raining outside and he didn’t want his wife to have to walk through the rain.  Old-school-gentleman.  Just like my Grandpa.  I’ve been on a few dates where the gentleman stands up from the table when I arrive five minutes late, or he opens my car door, or he walks on the side of the sidewalk closest to the traffic to protect me from a splash … this never goes unnoticed.

4. Beside Art at coffee this morning was Robert.  He was probably in his late 60’s and he was HILARIOUS!  While Art was chivalrous and sophisticated, Robert was a bundle of fun.  He laughed and laughed and it was contagious… pretty soon, my cheeks hurt from laughing at a story about stained-glass windows.  I couldn’t even make out the story through his laughter so I can’t even share it… and I have a hunch the details weren’t actually that funny, but Robert, with his eyes twinkling, roared with laughter and by the end I had tears streaming down my face.  Gentlemen that throw composure to the wind get my vote.  Without. A. Doubt.  Within seconds you can tell if someone loves the life they live and those people are magnets.

5. Recently over drinks, Darcy and I stole each others iPhones and made a list for each other of all the characteristics we want in a guy for the other… She called mine “Kind kind kind”… She kind of gets me.  


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