weekend update

It’s Monday and today we’re lying low and recovering from our weekend at the cabin. Every year my parents rent a cabin and we all come together for non-stop eating and relaxing. Boo was in her glory. She went canoeing, played with the animals, got endless attention (and cookies) from her grandparents, and read her favorite books. And she provided us with all the entertainment we could possibly need.

It was nice to get away. We were off the grid and it felt good to disconnect, even if it meant forgoing game 7 of the Capitals vs. Rangers NHL game. Instead, we played it old school with card games, books, and chatting around the fireplace.

We’ve been doing this with our family for years. On the ride home Hubby mentioned the rarity of being able to (willingly) get a whole family to rearrange their schedules for a weekend of togetherness. It is rare. It is special. And I hope this little tradition of ours continues on for many years to come.





One thought on “weekend update

  1. Frieda says:

    It’s nice to see Brian enjoying Vogue magazine. After all, it is important that he try to keep up with the times. Keep posting ladies. I enjoy peeking into your lives.

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