Moving Day

As some of you know, I’ve got a big move planned for this summer and it’s bringing with it a mixture of stress and excitement. But things are slowly falling into place and with every decision made, excitement mounts.

I have a renter to move into my prairie home and I have secured myself a loft in Montreal’s most fabulous neighbourhood: The Plateau!

All’s left is to furnish my humble abode.  I’ve got 700 square feet that is one big, long room. And an exposed brick wall!!!

At the far back to the left is the kitchen with a deck that overlooks a garden.

My moving mantra is “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” a la Leonardo DaVinci.  I want to move with the bare minimum which means a big overhaul of my closet and clutter.  The bare essentials:

  1. speakers for my music
  2. big framed photos of my loved ones from back home to hang along the full length of the brick wall
  3. my credit cards and a map to IKEA.

A friend also forwarded this tres chic video of furniture for those of us living in small spaces… have a look at these brilliant ideas!

But truthfully all I need is a few wine glasses and I’ll be tres heureux.


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