moms and daughters

Hubby leaves today for a work trip so Boo and I are enjoying some high-quality mother-daughter bonding. Yes, we will miss Hubby a lot (we’ve given him a long list of souvenirs to scavenge for so he will always be thinking of us too!), but Boo is great company and she’s always up for an adventure.

Lately, Boo’s really taken an interest in worms. At first she was a little hesitant about them. She would look at them and talk about them, but she wouldn’t touch them.  Worms are a little gross, but I have a long list of phobias and one of my goals as a mother is to ensure that I do not pass down any of my silly fears to my daughter. So I continued digging through the garden showing extreme excitement every time I dug up a worm. My excitement, mixed with a toddler’s healthy dose of curiosity soon had her holding handfuls of worms and me extolling endless warnings to “not kiss the worms” and “don’t share your popsicle with them” and “Mommy doesn’t want them in her ears today”.

With that kind of curiosity and bravery who knows what kind of fun we’re going to discover?!? Whatever happens, it’s gonna be good.


One thought on “moms and daughters

  1. Frieda Kehler says:

    Okay, earthworms are truly amazing and valuable creatures to have around – especially in your garden (this is coming from a biology teacher whose fascination with earthworms…and mosses…led her to pursue this field of study). I hope that Boo continues to explore the lives of earthworms. Oh and if you have potato plants in your garden, here’s hoping that the undersides of the leaves are covered in beetle larvae! You could give Boo a bucket and I’m sure that she’ll connect the dots…I hope that I get to meet Boo some day and it would be awesome to see you again too!

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