life is interesting

Last night we treated ourselves to some crazy delicious ice cream sandwiches at Stella’s. The weather was perfect, and after a fun day’s work of getting the garden in, we were definitely in the mood for some frozen goodness. And yes, they are even more amazing than they look!

But oddly enough, the great food and company weren’t the only highlight of the night.  I also enjoyed the people watching and conversation eavesdropping.  I live in the suburbs where conformity is key, so it’s always refreshing to get back to the heart of the city for some… flavor?

Anyway, we witnessed an extremely handsome backpacker from France get picked up by a friendly woman. He was then promptly introduced to her parents and asked to join them for dinner. I couldn’t help but wonder what brought him to Winnipeg, and Jo couldn’t believe she had missed such an opportunity.

And I overheard what I can only assume was the angry unraveling of a relationship, be it romantic or business.  He was a distinguished looking business man and if he hadn’t been inhaling a gross cigarette I probably would’ve stuck around for the rest of this one-sided conversation.

“I left an email for you at work. I think it explains everything.”

“I don’t wish to talk about it any further. I think everything is clearly spelled out for you.”

“I’ve already collected all my things.”

This city is full of inspiration for some colorful stories. I need to write a book. I need to get out more.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with interesting anecdotes and run-ins. Send us your stories. We’d love to hear.


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