Weekend in review – x2

I adore long weekends… I love when Sunday becomes a second Saturday and you get another full 24 hours to fill however you want.

My weekend was grand – here’s a quick review…

It kicked off with mansions, oysters and Pimm’s Cocktails.  Friday night two of my girlfriends and I made a date to explore the million dollar mansion – the grand prize for a local hospital fundraiser.  We go each year and if we fall in love with it we buy tickets together …  We each have our own homes, but we daydream about winning and moving in together under one roof together – a never ending sleepover!


Saturday rolled around & I met up with T and Boo for a fashion show in the Exchange District.  I remember when T was pregnant wondering if our girls-afternoon-outings would change once her little tiny one was here… turns out it is just as fun since now I’ve got a mini-T to hang out with as well.  She’s just as funny, just as charming, and where T never liked hugs, Boo overflows with them.  Plus what afternoon isn’t made better by a two foot little girl twirling around in the middle of the room, laughing at the silliest things and always up for a cookie break.

Sunday was the icing on the cake – I headed off to spend time with friends at a cabin and we spent the afternoon playing hours upon hours of tennis on the courts beside the lake… no one had remembered their runners so we did it barefoot.  I have no hand/eye coordination, but I did have a partner who had skills… plus he had a never ending supply of “hey, that’s ok!”  “good effort!” “that would have been a great swing if you could have hit the ball!”.  There was also a few “have you been drinking???” thrown in there … and I  hadn’t been.

And today’s going to be a low key one putting my sore feet up…  plus I’ve got some reading to catch up on…

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend too!


2 thoughts on “Weekend in review – x2

  1. Frieda Kehler says:

    J I know that you dream of Paris so I’d like to recommend a book that I recently read. It’s called the Paris Wife by Paula McLain. It’s written from the perspective of Ernst Hemingway’s first wife Hadley Richardson. Good read.

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