weekend in review -top 6

It’s Monday and the week looms ahead. Hubby leaves for work again this week, and the weekdays are quickly filling up with meetings and appointments. Thank goodness we stocked up on good memories over the weekend to last us through the week! The weather may have been less than stellar, but we like to take advantage of all the exciting things this city has to offer and we refuse to let a little rainclouds stand in our way. Here are our top 6:

1. Brunch. Friends, family, bacon, eggs, and English muffins. A weekend necessity.


2. Parks. Winnipeg has some amazing parks and Boo enjoys them all immensely.  We can’t pass a playground without testing out the swings and slides and this weekend we hit up a couple of our favorite spots.  Our absolute favorite is the Nature Playground at Assiniboine Park. They’ve finally got the plant creatures and water center up and running and we are ready to play!

3. Gardening. Most of our gardening this weekend was spent protecting our plants from frost, but Boo enjoys checking on the flowers and worms everyday. She’s going to love when the cherry tomatoes are ripe for picking.

And, we finally got my mother’s day presents planted. Unfortunately, the deer enjoyed the blossoms as much as I did, and we ended up spending a huge chunk of time fencing off my new apple trees. So worth it.

4. Garage sale shopping! What?!? Normally this wouldn’t make a top 5 list (especially since my last post was on wanting less stuff – yes, I see the hypocrisy. I’m a work in progress…), but this week we randomly decided to stop at a garage sale. They were packing up and everything was half price -including this tricycle.  Boo went nuts. So did I. We spent all day “riding” this thing and Boo went to bed and woke up talking about her “pink bike”.  Definitely the best $8 we’ve ever spent.

I also scored some glass doorknobs. Hubby wasn’t as excited as I was about these. He thinks they look old. I think they look awesome. He’s installing them today.

5. Open Doors Winnipeg.  This is an annual event that allows you to to tour cool building around the city. We decided to check out the apartments at Avenue on Portage. They were… interesting. The balconies were scary (you can see the sidewalk below and they’re only bolted on), but the view was worth it. Inside there was more than just a pop of neon.

What do you think of the neon?

Not part of the Open Doors Winnipeg, we also checked out the HSC Home Lottery Showhome.  It’s great to tour a home of $1.5 million and walk away loving your own house even more.

6. Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  We didn’t let a few gray clouds keep us away from Dr. Goodbear and a park full of activities.  Hubby loved the drummers, I loved the book tent, and Boo loved chasing after the mascots. The crowds were definitely down due to the weather, so we enjoyed fewer lines, more activities, and a whole lot of puddle jumping.

Dr. Goodbear has no idea what’s coming!

How did you spend your weekend? Hope it was a good one!


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