someone that i used to know -or at least thought i did

I’m kind of a big fan of Mindy Kaling (aka. Kelly Kapoor on The Office).  She’s the girl I want to be: super-talented, super-motivated, super-smart, super-funny and down-to-earth, but since I can’t be her, I’d be really pumped just to be her friend.

I make a point to watch The Office every week (did you know she co-writes it!?). I giggled through her entire book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (which totally ruined Tina Fey’s Bossypants). And of course I was super pumped when I heard she would be writing and starring in her own sitcom, aptly titled The Mindy Project.  That is, until I saw the recently released trailer.

This show looks really lame. The story line seems cliche and predictable and I think she’s selling herself a little short prancing around drunk, in sequins, in a pool. Hasn’t this been done before?!? I expected more from Mindy. I really did.

On the plus side, Ed Helms appears in the trailer so I’ll probably still tune in. Your thoughts?


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