Yesterday we participated in the blackoutspeakout campaign because we are scared of and angry at what Canada’s government is doing to our environment and our children. But I have to be careful that this anger does not result in an angry anti-Harper government blog post. I’ll save those emotions for my letter writing (and I encourage you to do the same here too). Instead, this blog post is going to focus on something much more optimistic… rainbows:)

Yup, this weekend I was invited by a friend to join the Winnipeg Pride Parade. It was exciting and colorful and real shame that it hit at Boo’s nap time because she would have loved it. I loved the color, the costumes, the camaraderie, and the church presence.  It was awesome to see so many people celebrate who they are.

All of this pride got me thinking. What accomplishments, traits, life decisions are you most proud of? Often we’re so busy focusing on on our failures we never really stop to celebrate the successes -big or small.


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