How To Be Beautiful

I don’t wear makeup.  Mostly because I never really learned how to put it on properly. My mom is a fan of the natural look and Jo rebelled by opting to bath in it and I could never find a happy medium that suited me.  I’d buy a nice jar of something and than let it collect dust in my medicine cabinet because I just wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.

Lately I’ve completely stopped buying beauty products. First, because there is zero space in our washroom to store them. Second, because they now officially scare me. I keep reading about lead in lipstick and parabens in everything else. It just seemed healthier and easier to not bother with makeup.

But sometimes being the only barefaced girl in a room full of wonderfully created and crafted faces can do a bit of harm to my self-esteem. Yes, I wish I could cover up my under eye circles and fake 8 hours of sleep. I wish my cheeks were dewy and my eyes “popped”.  So how can you stay beautiful if you don’t have any makeup to hide behind?

I found the answer. It’s a little obvious, but it’s a nice reminder.

So here’s to a happy and beautiful day. May you feel as wonderful as you look!


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