Cheers to good thoughts & sunbeams

Oh the differences between sisters!  Yesterday’s post made me smile and think back to what it was like growing up with a sister and a mom who are both absolutely beautiful sans makeup and who had absolutely no interest in products.

There were, however, a few challenges in being the lone product-junkie.  

For instance, no one taught me about moderation.  Take my Grade 6 graduation ceremony for example… mom let me do my makeup and subtlety was no where to be found.  Fire engine red lipstick, lots and lots of blue eyeliner and pink blush completed the look.  Over the years, I think (hope) I’ve learned to tame it down a bit.  But I still love my products.  I’ve also grown to love knowing that what I put onto my skin is only giving me benefits and not harming me.

For you all product-lovers out there, there is an excellent website that helps you make smart decisions about what products to purchase and how they affect your health.  This site offers safety profiles for cosmetics, rating them in terms of how hazardous they are.  And here’s a link back to a previous blog post that lists some of my favourite natural products.

And while you’re at it, check out this article published in the Fashion & Style section of the New York Times on Monday.

We hope you have a day filled with sunbeams!


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