Yesterday was Boo’s birthday and when I woke in the morning and saw gray clouds forming above I was a little worried about the day.  Our party in the park quickly fell apart, but Boo always keeps her chin up and enjoyed some quality one-on-one time with some of her favorite people, and some extra cupcakes.

I haven’t sorted through all my photos yet. They are strewn across two cameras and two phones. But when I find a quiet moment I hope to post some of the wonderful moments of our birthday celebrations. In the meantime, here are some of the highlights:

  • hand made shirt and skirt for Boo

    Adorable gifts: We asked for no presents this year, but friends and family always go above and beyond. From handmade clothes to hand-me down clothes to baby doll clothes, Boo was spoiled. And we really appreciate the generous donations that were made in her name. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  • The Birthday Song: Some of Boo’s favorite people came over and sang her a birthday song written just for her. Nobody has ever done that for me and I’ve had a lot more birthdays…
  • The Rain: I saw this as a party pitfall, Boo saw it as a source of endless puddle jumping fun. I had to pour her rubber boots out.
  • Dinner with Friends: I’m lucky that some of Boo’s best friends are also my best friends. They are such good friends that they even stayed for leftovers.
  • Phone Messages: Our phone was disconnected for most of the day (sorry), but when we finally got it up and running the phone started ringing. I think it’s pretty sweet that Boo’s birthday cousin took time out of his celebrations to think of her. Not all teenagers would do that.

    looking at Boo’s baby book. her fav thing to do!

  • A Polish Bed-time Story: Boo got lucky and got to spend some cuddle time with her aunts, one of whom came equipped with Polish storybooks. Today I am confused with some of Boo’s new words.

It was a wonderful day filled with wonderful people. That’s what Boo does. She just makes life wonderful. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there weren’t moments of sadness. Boo is growing up so fast and sometimes I just want to bottle these moments of perfection. Sometimes it’s hard to realize that my baby girl is now my big girl.


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