Root Beer Floats & Rocket Candies

Remember being a kid and how Root Beer Floats were the BEST?!!  T, our younger brother, and I would sit around our Grandma’s kitchen table in the middle of the summer heat, sipping the Root Beer + Vanilla Ice Cream combo through a straw, and playing Bingo, with Rocket Candies as prizes.

 I had a flashback to this yesterday during coffee break … As we were all soaking up the + 28 degree heat, one of my coworkers proudly emerged with a carton of vanilla ice cream and added it to our coffee.

A Coffee Float… Heaven. 

And does anyone really need an excuse to have ice cream before noon?

Cheers to my Grandma for giving us those fabulous memories (even though we know she cheated so our younger brother could win at Bingo every time) and cheers to sneaking those childhood delights into the grownup world. 


Happy long weekend everyone!!


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