24 hours in Paris

On Wednesday, I got the best surprise!  My buddy had arrived home months early from Europe!  He’d been travelling there for the past year, fighting racism/working for human rights, jamming at pubs … pretty much making the world a better place. 

We met for a couple of beers and caught up.  He had endless fascinating stories to tell and I’ll share my favorite with you… to give you the cliff notes version:  He was in Eastern Europe at a big event focusing on human rights.  As the participants were from all over Europe they were given a Eurorail pass to get to and from the event.  Realizing the pass expired the next day and realizing he could travel anywhere with it, he decided to hop the train and spend 24 hours in Paris.  A.KA. living life to the fullest.  Sounds like a movie doesn’t it? 

He travelled with his double bass, randomly met up with parisian musicians playing at a pub who invited him to entertain the crowd with them, had crepes in the early morning by the Eiffle Tower watching the sun rise through the fog, and caught the train back to his home base with barely minutes to spare.   Oh, he also made friends with a rap artist and body percussionists and they had an impromptu street performance.

Amazing the life experiences we can squeeze into such a short amount of time.  Kind of makes you want to throw caution to the wind and just get out there and explore.

It’s the weekend… We’ve got 48 hours of freedom in front of us!!  What oh what will you do with it?


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