The post that became a commercial…

Bright & early Saturday morning, a girlfriend and I went to check out the coolest new coffee shop in Winnipeg … verdict: two thumbs up.  If you’re in or around Winnipeg, check out The Parlour.

The Parlour is adjacent to the neighbourhood I dream of living in, filled with hundred year old buildings restored to uber chic condos, used book stores, and vegan restaurants.  The two gentlemen in line in front of us looked impossibly cool and had clearly already established themselves as regulars as they chattered away to the barista about the dinner party they were hosting that evening.  I love daydreaming of the lifestyle attached to people… hmmm… with them, I imagine they live in a cool loft with exposed beams and floor to ceiling windows.  In a few hours they’d replace their caffeine buzz with a glass of great wine and their place would be bustling with people, loud music, and lots of delicious food.

And there was a young woman behind us who looked intimidatingly pulled together… I think I did a double take to memorize her outfit so I could go home and copy.  With her, I imagine she was filling up her travel mug (I didn’t know these existed… & I want one!) with a cappuccino and heading off to the lake to meet up for a weekend of girlfriends, boardgames & mojitos, and a lazy day by the water reading the trashiest summer novel, something about different shades of grey or something like that… *wink*

I found an identical dress on line … off I go to buy myself one and plan the weekend I imagined she was heading too.


2 thoughts on “The post that became a commercial…

  1. DR says:

    What about the uber chick girlffriend you were with who also looked intimidatingly pulled together in her best ‘moving day’ clothes (shout out to Joe Fresh and Old Navy)? She pulled off hobo (not to be confused with boho) fabulous with such ease as she sashayed in for her morning iced tea smelling like Dove age defying acne cream.

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