On y va!!

T minus 29 days until the MOVE!  Exciting, yes.  Overwhelming, YES!

I am waist deep in boxes filled with cookbooks, clothes, brown boots, and every novel written by Sophie Kinsella.

How have I collected so much stuff in the five years I’ve lived in my condo??  And how am I ever going to decide what to take to Montreal and what to leave behind??

Photos – yes.  I want my loved ones close even if it is only in images.  Shoes – no.  I cannot justify filling a U-Haul with five different versions of brown boots.  I will bring two pairs.

And what to do about the clothes??  Well, check out this concept originally published in the NY Times back in 2010: surviving with only six items of clothing in your closet.  T and I talked about doing this way back then but neither of us followed through… but every now and then we bring it up again.  I think now is the time to tackle the challenge because I. am. tired. of. packing. boxes.  (I’ve also had the nagging thought in the back of my head that I never actually confirmed my new loft-style apartment in Montreal has a closet (!!!!!) as it was rented sight unseen.)

So here I go… wish me luck!


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