Comfort food in the land of croissants & pastries

Week One (derful!)

The only downside of living in a super fantastic neighbourhood in Montreal is the constant reminder that I do not yet have friends.  Case in point: yesterday there was a party in full swing on the rooftop of the building next to mine while I settled into bed.  I could hear people laughing and celebrating the long weekend…

I miss my loved ones back home.

Now that that’s out, let’s talk about the positives.  Montreal is pretty fabulous… in order to kick my homesickness to the curb, I’m going to keep a list of everything I love about this city.  And voila!   Not hard to do!   (You might notice a theme of comfort foods… thank goodness my apartment is built on a hill – I’m going to walk off every chocolate croissant).

1. Montreal has a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Parlour in Old Montreal.  Hello, New York Fudge.

2. The chocolate croissants here are huge.

3. Did you know about Cafe Viennois?  I hadn’t … it is espresso and whipped cream.  I didn’t like it… thank goodness… I don’t need another thing to have to walk off.  But, it was served on the cutest terrace in Montreal: Santropol.  THAT, I loved.








4. Bixi Bikes!!!  A coupling of the words “bicycle” and “taxi”, this is the name of Montreal’s public bike system.  For $7 you can rent a bike for 24 hours and the bike docking stations are everywhere!

5. Jean Talon Market.  Squash, mangos, tomatos, fromageries, peaches, flowers!!  Huge tents covered huge treasures of amazing food.  And they had samples galore.

6. Montreal’s World Film Festival!  More specifically, the Cinema Under the Stars events.  Last night we checked out Hugo – an amazing movie, but what made it even more amazing was watching it with hundreds of other Montrealers on the streets of St. Catherine.

7. Crepes in Old Montreal for supper.

*** a few other things I love ***

My mom & dad, who drove me to Montreal (31 hours straight), who took me to and from IKEA multiple times this past week, who have stocked my fridge, freezer, and cupboards with everything from spices to homemade meatballs, who have given me shoulders to lean on and who on their early morning walks have picked up fresh chocolate croissants that are sitting on the counter when I wake up.  I’m pretty lucky.

{us in Old Montreal}


3 thoughts on “Comfort food in the land of croissants & pastries

  1. Ron says:

    I think you WILL love Barraquito coffee. Try it out on a warm autumn Saturday afternoon. You will fall in love with this! Looking forward to reading about your new life.

  2. A. says:

    Absolutely amazing…but G. wants to know how you know when to return your Bixi bike. What will happen if you don’t return it? Sounds like a really interesting way of commuting and exploring. We can hardly wait to “live” in Montreal with you this year. Go, go, go!

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