So last weekend at a James Bond themed party, I met a new friend.  He’s one of those “citizens-of-the-world” types where he has lived in more places than I can remember (France, Turkey, Luxembourg…).  His next city is San Francisco and he’s moving in a month.  I like chatting with him because he can casually throw phrases like “so, I was on the plane to Barcelona” into the conversation and he has indulged me in tale after tale of Paris.

He’s ready to leave Montreal as he feels he has experienced all he can from this city and he’s ready to move on – I’m the exact opposite.  I’ve just moved here and I’m still starry eyed and madly in love with everything about this city.  Because he is so cool, I asked for his list of favorite places in Montreal.   I feel a little like I’ve been taken under his cool wing… he’s taken me to three so far.

Last night we went to the Big in Japan bar in the Plateau.  On a tiny side street there is a red metal door with not a word to indicate where it led.  Past the door is a long hallways with thick curtain at the end.  Once you’re through the curtains there is a small room filled with hundreds of tea lights, the walls are covered with velvet curtains, the tables are glass so the flickering candles sparkle even more through their reflections; you can buy a bottle of scotch and they hang it from the ceiling so when you return, your drink is waiting for you.  We had champagne and I threw any attempt to look sophisticated out the window because it was just to hard to look nonchalant about a place like this.

 {not my photo- but I had to give you a picture}

This city has endless surprises.  I took a walk to Old Montreal this morning with a friend from class so we could procrastinate together.  I have a favorite street down there and a favorite spot to stand to admire the skyline of this city.  We were standing in this spot, admiring the view when he said exactly what I was thinking: this was picture perfect, in the most beautiful city, standing with our coffees and chocolate croissants in hand.  I’m pretty lucky.

{I didn’t have my camera this morning but here’s a nighttime shot from my favorite spot!  A little breathtaking isn’t it?}


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