Happy 2013


ImageImageIt’s a new year.  And yes, I am someone who makes a pile of resolutions, realistic and not, while basking in all the hope and promise of what could possibly lie ahead. 2012 was amazing. 2013 is going to be just as grand.

As I was enjoying a leisurely breakfast of the best ever New Year’s Cookies, I compiled my annual list of resolutions and I thought I would go public with them this year, because hey, why not?  Here goes:

1. Host friends once a month.

2. Write a letter a month.

3. Learn to crochet. Like really learn.

4. Use less. Want less. Buy less. (And when I do, choose organic)

5. Pray with my daughter. Before meals. Before bed.

6. End the year at my pre-pregnancy weight.

7. Exercise. To be healthy. To be a good role model for my family.

8. Cook more. Cook more vegetarian meals. Know where my meat comes from.

9. Plant some lilac bushes in my back yard.

10. Blog.


What are your resolutions?


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