so this week is valentine’s day and i’m pumped because it’s always nice to have a day to celebrate the things we love in life. i’m not one to get wrapped up in the romance of the day. i don’t want flowers and wining and dining and love poems and expensive chocolates. but i do like the day to stand out a bit -perhaps with a pink cupcake or two shared with boo, or a special recipe tried out at supper. but we’re not just about food here – i also like to mark the day by wearing my special valentine shirt. trouble is, this year it doesn’t fit. yes, it is super billowy and a generous size large. but it still doesn’t fit.

but while i may be donning sweat pants to celebrate this lovely day, there is no reason why boo and hubby should not be decked out to the nines. boo is pretty easy to dress for valentines. her favorite color is pink, and while she prefers ballerinas and flowers to hearts, she’s easy enough to convince. hubby, on the other hand, will not let me dress him. ever. especially on valentine’s day.

so here is what we will NOT be wearing on valentine’s day.


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