life around here…

we’re slowly coming down from our sugar high of valentine candy hearts and cookies and chocolates. what a wonderful day. we celebrated with homemade cards, desserts, and spaghetti. it was lovely. valentine’s day is so much more wonderful with children around. i suppose everything in life is.

boo had her first official valentine’s day party. there was a real magician (with a bunny in his hat), heart shaped pizzas, and valentine exchange. we dumped out her little bag of valentine loot and it reminded me of my own school days. except now it’s so much more than just simple cards. it’s tattoos, stickers, lollipops, pencils, etc. when did everything get so complicated?

but while i was shaming myself for not having prepared heart shaped goodie bags for all of boo’s 35 friends, she was enjoying the simple things in life. a cinderella valentine card. boo has never seen or read the original cinderella before, but she’s heard of her. i’ve created a much more feminist-friendly version of the disney classic which we share in the evenings before bed. tonight she just stared at her and we promised her a trip to the library tomorrow to get a copy.

are we ready for the world of disney princesses?

i’m not.


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