Psychotic Dolphins and The Creeps

“Recently, there have been reports of a solitary dolphin named Jean Floch “running amok” in the port of Brezellec in Brittany. Accused of overturning boats, destroying rowboats and twisting mooring lines, it has been said by the media that Jean Floch is “psychotic”.” -

There’s a new Jean Floch running amok -this time on the Internet and he’s created a new comic –The Creeps. And yes, there are some psychotic moments…

Lately, I’ve been rather annoyed by the comics. They don’t make me laugh. They don’t make grimace. They just make me shake my head in disdain, if they even warrant a reaction. I’m sorry, but I’m tired of the Family Circus puns, and the stupidity of Hi & Lois, or the repetitive wholesome life lessons of For Better or For Worse. So it’s refreshing to see some real humor in The Creeps. I like it. You should too.

The Creeps by Jean Floch


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