Psychotic Dolphins and The Creeps

“Recently, there have been reports of a solitary dolphin named Jean Floch “running amok” in the port of Brezellec in Brittany. Accused of overturning boats, destroying rowboats and twisting mooring lines, it has been said by the media that Jean Floch is “psychotic”.” -

There’s a new Jean Floch running amok -this time on the Internet and he’s created a new comic –The Creeps. And yes, there are some psychotic moments…

Lately, I’ve been rather annoyed by the comics. They don’t make me laugh. They don’t make grimace. They just make me shake my head in disdain, if they even warrant a reaction. I’m sorry, but I’m tired of the Family Circus puns, and the stupidity of Hi & Lois, or the repetitive wholesome life lessons of For Better or For Worse. So it’s refreshing to see some real humor in The Creeps. I like it. You should too.

The Creeps by Jean Floch


A Case of the Funnies.

It’s Monday. Everyone needs a little pick me up on Monday.

Look no further. I’ve got your daily pick me up. It’s a new comic that just arrived online today. It’s weird. It’s good. It’s better than good. And it’s coming to you…

Stay tuned. Things are about to get hilarious…

life around here…

we’re slowly coming down from our sugar high of valentine candy hearts and cookies and chocolates. what a wonderful day. we celebrated with homemade cards, desserts, and spaghetti. it was lovely. valentine’s day is so much more wonderful with children around. i suppose everything in life is.

boo had her first official valentine’s day party. there was a real magician (with a bunny in his hat), heart shaped pizzas, and valentine exchange. we dumped out her little bag of valentine loot and it reminded me of my own school days. except now it’s so much more than just simple cards. it’s tattoos, stickers, lollipops, pencils, etc. when did everything get so complicated?

but while i was shaming myself for not having prepared heart shaped goodie bags for all of boo’s 35 friends, she was enjoying the simple things in life. a cinderella valentine card. boo has never seen or read the original cinderella before, but she’s heard of her. i’ve created a much more feminist-friendly version of the disney classic which we share in the evenings before bed. tonight she just stared at her and we promised her a trip to the library tomorrow to get a copy.

are we ready for the world of disney princesses?

i’m not.

Yesterday was Pancake Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday, the start of the Lenten season. So while I was burning a batch of pancakes (seriously, who botches up a pancake supper?!?) I tried to think about what sacrifices I could/should make during this time. This was a difficult task. I found it much easier to think up sacrifices for Hubby to make…

After much debate, I think I will give up meat unless I know the source. Eventually I would like to return to a meat-free diet, but I’m not there yet so for the next 40 days (and hopefully longer) I want to make a point to eat only ethically sourced meat.

What are you sacrificing for this Lenten season?

so this week is valentine’s day and i’m pumped because it’s always nice to have a day to celebrate the things we love in life. i’m not one to get wrapped up in the romance of the day. i don’t want flowers and wining and dining and love poems and expensive chocolates. but i do like the day to stand out a bit -perhaps with a pink cupcake or two shared with boo, or a special recipe tried out at supper. but we’re not just about food here – i also like to mark the day by wearing my special valentine shirt. trouble is, this year it doesn’t fit. yes, it is super billowy and a generous size large. but it still doesn’t fit.

but while i may be donning sweat pants to celebrate this lovely day, there is no reason why boo and hubby should not be decked out to the nines. boo is pretty easy to dress for valentines. her favorite color is pink, and while she prefers ballerinas and flowers to hearts, she’s easy enough to convince. hubby, on the other hand, will not let me dress him. ever. especially on valentine’s day.

so here is what we will NOT be wearing on valentine’s day.

vita health had their grand opening this week in our neighbourhood. according to the flyer they stuck in my mailbox, they’ve been having fun events all week -like smoothie day and natural beauty day. we finally made it out on saturday and it was definitely worth it. we went over our noon hour, which was convenient because they had samples galore and everything was amazing. plus, i didn’t feel guilty serving anything to my 2-year old, not even the organic dairy-free ice cream! yes, it sounds questionable, but tastes wonderful.

i’m happy we’ve got a store like this in our neck of the woods. lately we’ve been making a conscience effort to eat more local, fair trade, and organic and that has made grocery shopping a little bit more challenging (and a whole lot more expensive).  often i will return home from a trip to the grocery store with only half the items on my list. while we’re trying not to be too picky, i’m definitely making a point to avoid the dirty dozen. it’s nice to finally have some more options.

i’m not going to lie. the store is expensive. but i can definitely see myself going there for the necessities, and perhaps some little indulgences too 😉

here are some of the goodies that made their way into our bag this weekend. just because…

1. Gorp Bars. These are super delicious, healthy, and locally made. These will become a diaper-bag necessity snack.

2. Mineral Fusion Nail Polish.  I’m pregnant. And paranoid. My nails have been bare (and gross) for the past nine months. Unless you count the odd times I let Boo give me a manicure with her Piggy Paint. But now I’ve got grown-up nail polish in a grown-up color. I feel so fancy.

3. Weleda Almond Oil and Lotion. I love love love Weleda products, for me and for baby, but they’re hard to find around here so I was pretty pumped to see the great selection here. Yup, it’s expensive (but I think all cosmetic products are a bit over-the-top), but it smells heavenly and is the only moisturizer that seems to work on my parched dry winter skin. That, and olive oil, which Hubby kindly pointed out to me is a fraction of the cost. Sometimes you just want to feel like a woman and not a greasy food item.

There may have also been some chocolate cookies, soda pops, and wood-fibre wash cloths in my bag too, but let’s save those goodies for another post…

For the more practical things in life:

we’re back…

life here is on the verge of serious change. we’re not ready for any of it, but we’re super excited anyways. i’m hoping i’ll be able to keep my sanity by finding some time to return to the world of blogging. sometimes, as a stay at home mom, blogging is my only connection to the world beyond my front door. i need that.

so stay tuned… we’re back.